Patients Reviews

I was in a car accident and I was referred to this place for an MRI. The receptionist was very nice. She handed me a few forms that I needed to fill out and I was called in immediately. The person who took the MRI was also very nice. I am a bit claustrophobic and was offered an eye mask which helped a lot. Overall the process was easy and quick!

Stephany R. | Aug 18, 2022
My father Vrej had his MRI done by Eric and he was extremely professional and patient considering my father was not feeling good. My father and I would like to thank them for their incredible work and patience. Amazing place.

Alina Mirzaian | Jul 09, 2022
I needed to let you all know today at my visit having a MRI has been very difficult as we all have had a changing world. I want to thank everyone. Wish I knew all your names. Armen thank you for helping with administering the MRI and making me feel safe and went over and beyond. Your kindness is so wonderful. Norma thank you for remembering when I had called and with my injury affecting my memory so much, you didn’t make me feel less of a person. And all front office kind, caring. And to the young man that said we where praying for you God bless you. It was true from your . I wish you all to get the Recognition you all deserve. Oh also to anyone that’s reading this I have a special wonderful service dog and she is a Doberman Pinscher and the staff was very friendly nice and had no issues whatsoever with this breed. Thank you all again you made this experience. Less stressful by far. Ever again I need this test I will come to you.

Aly T. | Feb 24, 2022
If was an option I won’t give them 1 star this place an professional specialty the girl work at front desk her name EVA I made an appointment 4 days prior to arrive they never check if my insurance cover me after I got there that’s when she start making phone call I had to wait 35 min and than she said no one answer yet. You can go and take the MRI when you come out will figure out after I was done she told me EVA sorry you have to pay $700 your insurance not covered this is. BS  she told me that they are not in the network so why they didn’t check before I came? If it was an elderly person and they will ask them $700 after seat in the MRI 1 hour?? And after all she has a training person that don’t know nothing shame on this place and EVA go have some costumer service training you have ZERO costumer service

David E. | Sep 23, 2020
I don’t mind MRI machines like a majority of people out there but I must say my tech here and I feel terrible I cannot remember his name was awesome. He is so polite and very easy going which makes this whole process so much easier. We had a blast conversing about pulse sequences, logistics, and schools. Yes you guessed it I went to school for the same so I went in with the attitude of "if something is missing I am going to call it out." But I didnt have to!! He covered everyrhing from A-Z perfectly. My husband saw him today and was amazing with him because my husband was a bit of a wuss.

Erika U. | Apr 13, 2019
Yeah, I will not be coming back here again.  I have horrible claustrophobia and I DO NOT do well in MRI machines.  I chose this place for two very specific reasons.  On their website, they state that they have an open MRI machine AND movie goggles that cover your eyes.  When I went in for my MRI, I was scheduled to use the open MRI machine, which was great, but there were no goggles anywhere to be seen.  I asked the tech about the goggles and he said he’d never heard of any goggles and that I must have seen them on their sister location’s website.  The tears started immediately after that.  I had been calm up to the point, thinking I was going to be safe with those goggles on.  Instead, I endured an hour and a half of torture...crying, shaking, and panicking the whole time.  It was my own brand of hell.Cut to after the MRI and I head back to the website where I had seen the goggles.  It’s their website, THEIR SANTA CLARITA LOCATION WEBSITE, where they show that they offer the goggles.  I even took a screen shot to upload here.  Never again.

Holland V. | Feb 11, 2019
This place is a joke, they don’t accept insurance so you have to pay with cash, they refuse to bill you, the people are rude and they lack basic medical terminology. (I work at a hospital so this was concerning to me)

Tomy L. | Jun 28, 2018
DO. NOT. GO. HERE. Save your money and go to a proper hospital setting. These out patient MRI places are not regulated. They do NO screening whatsoever regarding whether or not you are safe to be given any kind of contrast (when asked, they will say it is your doctor’s responsibility which I don’t know, it seems like some of the burden should be on the actual person injecting you but I could be wrong, so better yet, just do your own research and make sure it is safe for you to take). The story: I went in to get an MRI done and I was so happy because everyone seemed so nice and kind. The place is clean and getting the MRI was a pretty easy process. I had to pay $750 but thought it was ok considering that I needed the test. Then, I got the report back and sent it to my doctor. After he read the report, he called to tell me that I could have some serious health issues. I then sought help from a specialist at Cedars. After reviewing the images, the specialist informs me that not only did Total MRI use the wrong coils but the diagnosis was INCORRECT. In order to confirm this, I was sent to the Cedars Imaging Center to have another MRI. Multiple MRI techs, my doctor, and the radiologist ALL agreed that the MRI done at Total was "COMPLETELY UNDIAGNOSTIC" meaning that the image quality was SO BAD that no one could diagnose anything from that. I have called multiple times requesting to speak to someone in charge (the owner) and been promised a call back. After weeks of waiting, I call again and finally speak to the administrator, Eva. She is the RUDEST person I have ever spoken to at a business. She actually hung up on me 3 times! All I have been asking for is a refund. In reality, the stress and heartache of this INCORRECT diagnosis could warrant a lawsuit but I don’t even care, I am so happy that their doctor was wrong and I am ok. I would however like to have a refund but she refuses to do so citing "my rudeness on the phone". My rudeness by the way is that every time I try to speak, she speaks over me and that just really does not work for me. I am the customer and do not appreciate being hung up on multiple times. I am SO disappointed that anyone in the healthcare industry would be so RUDE and would prey on patients who are putting their trust in their business.UPDATE: I have been fighting for over a month to get a refund and so far I have been blown off and lied to. I will be taking Total MRI to court. Stand by by for results!

Sarah G. | May 21, 2018
Best place to get a Open MRI , hands down and by far the best place I’ve been to with the kindest customer service . Irene & Eve were helpful, friendly , professional, and kind , they made the entire experience amazing . The image quality was fantastic and I got my report within 24 hours . Highly recommended Open MRI center and I will certainly return for my Imaging needs .

Maranda N. | Feb 26, 2018