Additional Testimonials

At first, I was afraid to get an MRI and kept putting it off. Total MRI made me feel comfortable and their open MRI scanner reduced my claustrophobia. Thanks Total MRI!


When I didn’t have insurance, Bobby put together a plan to help me pay in cash. I was able to get the MRI that I needed, without breaking my bank.


If you are worried about getting an MRI, go to Total MRI. They use an MRI machine that is open on all sides, so you don’t get claustrophobic. I didn’t get my usual anxiety!


I love how friendly the front desk staff is at Total MRI. They made sure my MRI was completed on time. By next day I was meeting with my doctor to discuss my results.


I wore their entertainment glasses and completely forgot that I was having an MRI. I will recommend Total MRI to all of my friends and family for sure.


My 9-year-old son had to get an MRI and our technician went out of her way to make sure that he was comfortable. He was able to complete his MRI without being so scared. I will recommend them to other parents!