Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury services offered in Santa Clarita, CA

When you’re hurt in a vehicle accident or at work, you need an expert to assess your injuries. At Total Imaging & Open MRI, Norman Pennington, MD, and the team offer X-ray and MRI studies to the Santa Clarita, California, community. When you’re in the midst of a lawsuit or a worker’s compensation claim, you need credible evidence of your injury. To schedule an imaging study for your personal injury, contact the team on the website, or call the office in Santa Clarita today.

Personal Injury Q & A

Why is imaging important for personal injury?

After you’re in a car accident, it’s important that you seek help right away. While some injuries are immediately apparent, others take days to show up. Internal injuries aren’t always obvious right away, making it dangerous to forgo medical evaluation.

The other reason that imaging is vital to your personal injury case is to provide the evidence needed to get you the compensation you need. The practice has a specialist who deals with personal injury MRI scans.

Imaging is vital to prevent complications after an accident and provide your lawyers with the images necessary to prove the pain and suffering you’ve dealt with.

What kind of injuries are found with imaging?

There are many different injuries that the imaging studies at the practice can detect. These injuries include broken bones and soft tissue injuries from car accidents, sports injuries, or work injuries.

Internal injuries can also be seen through expert MRI studies and X-Rays. These injuries don’t always show up immediately after your accident. It could take days for you to exhibit symptoms, which could cause complications.

Internal bleeding and lacerated organs are just a few of the injuries found in these imaging studies. An MRI detects these internal issues before you show symptoms. This allows you to get prompt treatment.


What type of imaging is used for personal injury?

MRIs aren’t the only imaging studies used for personal injury cases. X-Rays and CT scans are also utilized, depending on your symptoms and the area being studied.

An X-Ray is typically the easiest form of imaging to acquire, and it shows enough detail to determine injuries to your bones or soft tissues. However, they don’t show a lot of detail.

A CT scan is a type of X-Ray study that shows more detail when it comes to your injury. It shows cross-sections of organs or soft tissue, which allows a better image of the problem.

An MRI is the most detailed when it comes to personal injury imaging. This type of test shows not only bones and soft tissues but also nerve and blood vessel damage.

To get in for your X-ray or MRI study, call the office today, or book an appointment on the website.

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