MRI services offered in Santa Clarita, CA

An MRI is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool used to diagnose, monitor, and evaluate medical conditions. At Total Imaging & Open MRI, Norman Pennington, MD, offers radiology studies to the residents in the Santa Clarita, California, area. The practice has many options, including an open MRI machine that helps ease anxiety and stress that may be related to claustrophobia. Call the office in Santa Clarita today or schedule using the online booking tool to learn more about MRI studies, including the open MRI machine.


What is an MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is an imaging machine that produces detailed images of the inside of your body using a computer, magnet, and radio waves. They’re used for several conditions, including diagnosing and monitoring these problems.

Having an MRI is completely painless, and it doesn’t use radiation, unlike other forms of imaging studies. These attributes make MRI the first choice when a condition needs constant monitoring or evaluation.

Total Imaging & Open MRI offers a state-of-the-art open MRI machine. The open MRI significantly reduces the stress and anxiety that goes with traditional closed MRI machines. If you’re claustrophobic or nervous about enclosed spaces, an open MRI is a lifesaver for getting professional imaging.

How does an open MRI work?

An open MRI works much like a closed MRI machine, except it eliminates the traditional tight tube you would lie in for the test. 

In an open MRI, the magnets are positioned below and above you, with the sides of the machine completely open. This cuts down on claustrophobia and fear related to traditional MRI machines.

When do I need an MRI?

There are many reasons you might need an MRI. Because they provide detailed pictures of structures within your body, an MRI is the test of choice when monitoring conditions such as:

  • Bone tumors
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Brain tumors
  • Crohn's disease
  • Bone infections

MRIs are also safe enough to be used to monitor a baby growing in your uterus. There are many different applications for an MRI, making it a versatile option for evaluating your symptoms.

What does an MRI show?

An MRI shows detailed images of many different structures within your body. This allows the team to view and evaluate conditions that affect parts of your body, such as your:


  • Brain
  • Spinal cord
  • Blood vessels
  • Breast tissue
  • Lymph nodes
  • Abdominal organs
  • Heart
  • Reproductive organs

An MRI is also able to view nerve tissues within your body. It’s an integrative test that produces extremely valuable images to diagnose and watch certain conditions in your body.

To schedule an MRI, call the practice in Santa Clarita, California, today, or send the team a message on the website.

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